A decentralization technology for the free and the brave

A gradient Server

  • Is a tool for free speech defenders
  • Is a store of information from external sources.
  • Allows indexing, searching, distributing, and sharing information.
  • Allows enriching the information with metadata.

A gradient?

A collection of information from different sources, colors, and directions.

Source types

  • RSS feed
  • Sitepins feed (IPFS Based)
  • Bitchute channel
  • More plugins coming.

Host a Gradient Server

Use a Gradient Server

Gradient Server install walkthrough

Desdigned for decentralization

Using a Gradient server, any community can have their own index, search, and information sharing services.

Anti censorship

Built as a freedom of speech tool. Allows a community to support censored voices from other communities

Easy sharing

A technology for replicating the information in to ways, from sources to local storage, and from local storage to other destinations.

Free and open source

100% free and open source. based on the leading content management framework Drupal, and the leading search engine technology Solr from the Apache foundation.